Queens Faith's Beginning...

Around the mid-90’s, it was the guiding power of the Holy Spirit and the vision of Pastor M. E. Patrick, former Black coordinator of the Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, that led to the birth of the Queens Faith Temple of Seventh-day Adventists’ Church.


In the initial planning phase of the church planting, a site had to be sought that could accommodate a tent. The first piece of property for this evangelistic outreach was located on Springfield Boulevard. Ground work followed, with Pastor Cherry and Pastor Crew working tediously in and around the area distributing tracts, visiting homes and conducting many bible studies.


In February 1999, the first prayer meeting was held at the home of Valnie and Ivorine Wellington. These meetings continued for five months. On Saturday, July 10, 1999, the New Millennium Prophecy Crusade began with Pastor G. Earl Knight as evangelist. Pastor Knight preached the word of God for five weeks and was later joined by Pastor B. Campbell who kept the trail ablaze for another week. The crusade climaxed with a grand candle lighting ceremony and the rejoicing of over 49 precious souls that were baptized. These precious souls formed the core of Queens Faith Temple. The new body of believers, along with Pastor Patrick as their leader, assisted by Pastor Corben Crew, continued to worship under the tent.


On March 4, 2000, Pastor Crew was installed as QFT’s official minister. QFT was also blessed in the following years to be under the leadership of other ministers including Pastor Ernie Wright, Jr., Pastor Easton Marks, and Pastor Ricardo Bain.


Today, QFT stands as a growing, united body of over 400 members. With faith as a mustard seed we can move mountains, and since QFT’s inception this remains true today.



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